Hello again true believers!

Jamie finally got to hear an amazing rendition of “baa baa rainbow sheep” which I’m sure is everyone’s favourite song, and reminds us that we love Steve Hughes!

George Lucas has moved onto the next stage of his life and not only thinks he should do things that go against the grain of something he already laid down, but starts spiralling into senility. We also make sure you can go hear all about how everyone feels about the star wars prequels thanks to this handy dandy website.

Both of us made sure to watch the first episode of the tester season 3 when it premièred on youtube, and give you a bit of a run down of the contestants now that we had had more of a “taste” or their personalities.

Tim Shafer deals a blow to corporate publishers and while he is at it makes sure we all know about the indie games scene and how its been blowing up ALL OVER THE PLACE, and while we discuss that we then decide to tell you how we feel about big budget serialised games.

A new game this week for Jamie was Kingdoms of Amalur and an obscure addition to the fate/stay night titles.

Hey Link! listen!