Its the 30th one! my gosh!


I guess this is where we should really get CRACKING!

Quick (yes really this time) rundown of the tester, and since he who has been named millions of times has been eliminated the tester rundowns will now probably constitute about 30 seconds from now on (lets try to keep this 30 theme going!) especially because the tester seems to make me (Nick) swear about a billion times more than usual.


We also tell you about how the baby is running late and share some words of wisdom from Pippin, that there varmint hobbit. (I hear he was the 30th Hobbit to ever eat his own shoes!) While in the meantime Jamie is going to tell you about how he has run off to join the circus *ah-hem* I mean go to University.

Video games abound as they become the bulk of this episode, covering various games like Mass Effect, Duke Nukem (30th worst game ever made), star wars, half-life 2, and some mechanics buried within like our shared hatred of intrusive quicktime events and tutorials.


but the good times don’t stop on The Nerd Train (30th most awesome thing ever?) as we update you on the kickstarter we are salivating over and Mosquitos, mans 30th most hated enemy.

P.S I made all those 30 themed elements up…except the podcast count…OR DID I!!!! *spooky music*