my gosh this was a big one!

Its epicness can only be calculated on the scale of awesome.


A little more talk about having every night be a sleepless one, and it turns out that Jamie can build THINGS!


Nick gets angry about a few little nitpicks on xbox live and checks out the I Am Alive trial, and lives to tell you the tale, plus Jamie and Nick revisit some games they haven’t played for a while in an effort to have some multiplayer funtimes.

Journey happened too, and Nick makes sure you know he had a lot of fun with this little indie title.

About halfway through this weeks cast we decide to put in a big old warning, and tell you that after that point there is going to be some discussion of Mass Effect 3, that includes about a million spoilers, so for those of you who haven’t finished Mass Effect 3 yet, make sure that when we say “spoilers ahead”, you end your Nerd Train experience for the week there.