Uploaded on Tuesday, as thats the day we rock your ears now.


Jamie should never be allowed to develop weaponry, just you know, sayin’

Also had some hamster riddled adventures in the life of Nick, Free Radical’s demise is mentioned because we only recently found out some more details, we smack talk about David Jaffe since he doesn’t even need to do anything of substance to make the news pages any more.

Memes are mostly really, really annoying, we all have to admit it eventually.

Wiiu possible launch games got leaked so we take a bit of a look at that list, There is some discussion about screens for the upcoming online game set in the elder scrolls world, and just so you know theres some weird arse things going on in the THQ offices concerning saints row the 3rd.

Banging on a bit about the AUS censorship board and talking about Left 4 Dead 2 leads us into some ripping on CODBLOPS2 before we round off this weeks podcast of destiny.