BE WARNED! FULL FRONTAL SWEARS! (figured I’d skip the censorship in the interest of time, tell us what you think!)

Jamie and Nick talk about furniture for a little, but we say like a lot, it makes me cry tears of motor oil :( but then we discovered what a pegasister is! and its horrifying.

Thor was one of those games in the bargain bin, that everyone ignored…and…well…rightfully so really. but we tried out the co op in splinter cell conviction though, in a vain attempt to cleanse our souls, but Jamie felt the need to become the sandwich toting action hero of the north.

Diablo 3 happened, it really did, and it really will forever more, but we do remind you that theres some other great hack and slash RPGs in the not too distant future.

To round it off we do a bit of comic talk and Jamie gives us his take on how to be an awesome parent.