Here we goooooo!


Jamie is nearing the end of his semester and Mass Effect 3 rears its head as we talk about how its gonna get an update! but lets never forget about how sometimes we like to talk about Peter Molyneux.


But while we usually talk about new games there are so many old ones that are near and dear to our hearts! and we talk about how Nick missed the whole “OMFG SNES” era.


We both made sure we listened to the new Tenacious D album “Rize of the Fenix” and it was fairly tasty, and in a supreme twist of fate we both played through the indie game Dear Esther like we had been meaning to for a months.


Just before we wrap up we bust out with a demo Nick hated in the face and all about how we played a LOT of Diablo 3 this last week gone.


and just so you know, Previously on The Nerd Train…