After a week lost to illness and DISEASE we are back! stronger and faster than before!

We start with some scientific discovery! and only then do we move on to how awesome Nick’s new arcade stick is,

Halo 4 …why do we talk about you, especially since it made us talk about Call Of Duty again…oh my ears and brain and ears…

The free Mass Effect 3 ending DLC hits tomorrow so we talk about our expectations of that, and we discuss the Assassins Creed franchise as a whole.

Lord Of The Rings : War In The North crosses Nick’s gaming desk,  an oldie but a goodie, civilisation 4 finally got played, and its a little different from your usual RTS fixes, but Jamie trumped all of this by checking out two sweet indie titles that are definitely worth the price tag,

We top it all off by discussing how/where we think multiplayer games are going and where they all seem to be dragging their feet lately.


oh and BTW,