now we get to find out what happens when we have a GUEST!

A special baker guest! called Crunchie!

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Jamie watched Snow white and the huntsman, that poor guy…

There has been some more WWE12 in the mix, because we both hate ourselves but love stupid fun at the same time, but Nick was not impressed by RAGE, because well…its a game that feels like it was built for co op, but it hasn’t got it for the campaign. We then talk a bit about Borderlands, and reminisce about some old but awesome fun with Soldier Of Fortune.

and GOD DAMN SPEC OPS THE LINE…so much…just…no…

But it does help us bring home some awesome talks about the feel of war games and where we feel a lot have gone wrong.

Jamie picked up a hobby, that hobby was Magic The Gathering, and so did people he knows, and crunchie shares some of his own experiences with card games.

and then we get to hear about how much Crunchie loves his there horror games.

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