As Jamie and Nick had two very, very different weeks, we still had enough time to chillax with some game…ax…or something.


Jamie find out just how much his steam account is worth and Nick loves to mention how he has finally gotten his xbox live gamerscore to 70,000.

The steam sales have been on the forefront of a lot of PC gamers minds over the last week, and rightfully so, cause there are some pretty tasty bargains to be had on there.

Some games we thought we wold never touch are tried and we weigh in some more then whole whole kinect thingymabobbin, but hey, the real winner here is you, because we also let you know of one of the greatest tricks of Lateral Thinking we have ever heard of.

We round it all off with a quick mention about a game we are getting excited for, and make sure we chat about some of the big voice actors prominent in our games over the last few years.

oh and here is where we are up to with our current Game Time series about Alan Wake