We like to move it move it, didn’t you know?!
Up a bit later than usual but here it is!


After seeing spider man James decided this week he would see The Dark Knight Rises and give it his critique! which leads nicely into the fact that he performed the first Nerd Train video book club challenge and watched all of game of thrones, some slight spoilers pop in there but its all stuff that anyone who minds will already know or have already seen.


Ever noticed how varied online articles about the same thing tend to be? we have, and we saw an example this week.


We discuss some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer since we both played a bit of that these past weeks and then we talk about how much we are looking forward to a few titles such as Orcs Must Die 2 and Deadlight.


Oh and don’t forget Nick kept his promise to check out DayZ and uploaded some more Alan Wake!