Audio gear working again! zing!

Jamie is back at school and Nick gives you a crash course in just how to party like a twenty something year old awesome guy,

After that we get into some Age Of Empires 2 talk, which is pretty boss, as neither of our illustrious conductors have played it for quite some time, Nick also can’t believe Jamie forgot to try the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer beta!

Sleeping dogs got ordered on steam, Death Rally was pretty sweet, F3AR finally rears its head and Orcs Must Die 2 happened. Oh and lets not forget that Jamie and Nick are super harsh about new sonic games, and we finally talked about sonic generations properly.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is actually being more robust than we thought too since we are still playing it,   but don’t fret passengers, because even we weigh in on how dumb most of the shows on TV are lately, oh hey and SCOTT PILGRIM IS GETTING MULTIPLAYER FINALLY SO WE ARE SUPER PUMPED.


At the end we hit up some bite sized random news and hows about some spiderman?

oh man, Alan Wake